About UBG Token

UBGToken is the first unit digitizing NFTs into the tourism and resort industry. UBGToken is a blockchain platform gathering Decentralized Finance Applications. We have been constructing and developing a mega ecosystem for Crypto Currencies community to absorb the digital assets by Asia Smart Technology Application.

UBGToken will become the prominent standard for digital currency in the ecosystem in the future..


UBGToken Outstanding Features

A secure decentralized ecosystem

The ecosystems based on D-Apps for users are currently built up (E-commerce and Digital Exchange).

Fast payment with low transaction fee

Thanks to the BSC platform, it only takes 3s and costs 0.2 - 0.5 USD to make a transaction

Farming and Staking

Farming and staking functions with attractive interest will help holders increase compound interest.

NFT into tourism industry

UBGToken is the first unit digitizing NFTs into the resort industry.

Extensive Ecosystem

UBGToken will be the payment method for the consumption and travelling ecosystem


What makes UBGToken Unique?

The available ecosystems are realistic and crucial, The value of the token will be guaranteed by timeshare contracts
NFT technology is applied to timeshare contracts and vacation packages
Creat real value to the community, Transparent, fast, and secure payment method
The dedicated, hard-working, dynamic, and enthusiastic development team

UBGToken - The First unit difitizing NFTs into tourism industry

The ecosystem is cooperating with the big group - Vacation Paradise possessing business about travelling and resort industry. The group has 3 resorts with 5-star international standard 600 rooms located in famous places of tourism. Travelling has become an indispensable part of human life, the demand has been increasing incredibly in modern life. Especially, after covid-19, the demand for travelling will be surely accelerated, this is the huge potential to develop NFTs into the timeshare and vacation industry. We believe that UBGToken will help travelling industry grow strongly in both domestic and international markets in the future.
The Vacation Paradise will connect to RCI Group - The biggest system of exchanging timeshare contracts. They have been established for more than 45 years and connected over 4,300 resorts all over the world. In the future, When clients buy timeshare contracts as NFTs, they can go to any resort in the RCI system.
Timeshare contract will guarantee and secure the value of the token.

UBG NFT real estate industry

The first 20-hectare UBG Land project, nursing home in Phan Thiet, Vietnam. Each villa is 1,000m2 wide, expected early June 2022 deployed and sold 250 units.
UBG Token will digitize each apartment this villa into 20 equal NFTs and sold for plus 100% UBGToken.
In addition, UBG Token will only launch 100 VIP NFTs. Each of these NFTs is a 1000m2 wide Villa. With only 4,000,000 UBGToken you will buy this 1 NFT regardless of how much the UBGToken price drops at that time. Then you have the right to ask UBG Land to transfer the name of this Villa to you.
UBGToken commits to instantly buy back all sold NFTs by value initial.


Smart Contract Address: 0x9a08b08eb9bdcd94105dd7ea2afd9bb601884a24

Sales Information

Total Token Supply 1,200,000,000
Private Sales 84,000,000
Tokens Allocated for IDO 24,000,000
Tokens Allocated for Airdrop 1 12,000,000
Tokens Allocated for Farming 240,000,000
Token Value 1 UBG Token = 0.0002 USDT
Accepted BNB & BEP20 Token
Locked Token in 3 Year 660,000,000
App Screen

Our Powerful
All-In-One Wallets

Smart Contract and NFTs for Traveling and Vocations

UBG Farm

Farm is an investment channel with prominent features:

  • TRANSPARENT AND SAFE: The farm is based on blockchain technology. Therefore, participants can check all information of farms
  • ATTRACTIVE INTEREST: This function helps holders increase a large number of their tokens passively. Especially, it can generate compound interest
  • FAIR TO PARTICIPANT: Besides, participants can check all information about farms. They can withdraw their interest whenever they expect. The cash fow is decided by participants.
  • EASY TO JOIN: Participants only need to submit the min deposit to join the farm.
The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

Our market strategy will prioritise blockchain technology rollout to utilities based on their transformation. View our roadmap to see how exactly we are making that happen.

August 2020 Concept development

- Launching App UBG Loyalty Point
- Launching the UBG Exchange
- Setting up System Security.

December 2020 Cooperating with Vacation Paradise
June 2021 Big Update for the new system
  • Technical training about Blockchain
  • Launching UBGToken
  • Listing on PancakeSwap
October 2021 UBGToken Audit Techrate
  • UBG Farming
  • UBG Banking
  • Listing UBG Exchange
December 2021 Connecting the entire UBG ecosystem
  • Prestigious media channels have reported UBG NFTs
  • Developing NFTs for Resort holidays and digitizing real estate
  • Listing on CoinTiger, Nomic and Coin Market Cap
2022 Lauching
  • Launching the first version of digital asset management on the Blockchain platform
  • Launching and implementing UBG Social.
  • Continue Listing UBGToken of Top exchanges in the world.
  • Many marketing and promotion campaigns will be boosted.
  • Promote NFTs advertising strongly.


Below we’ve provided a bit of UBGToken, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

What is UBG Token?

UBG token is a platform of Blockchain gathering Decentralized Finance applications (Defi), it was born for a mission to cross all the limits of making payments by cryptocurrency anytime and anywhere

Total Supply is 1.2 billion Tokens

Current circulation is 25% of total supply

The ecosystem of consumption and travelling are always very essential and crucial in real life

The value of UBG token will be guaranteed by timeshare contracts

75% has been locked into Unicrypt platform and farming function within 3 years

There are 8 Ecosystems: Supermarket chain, e-commerce platform, consumer point application, UBG Exchange, UBG Bank, UBG Farm, UBG social networks and NFT

UBGToken is confident to be the first unit to digitize NFT in the resort tourism industry. Specifically, the contract of resort real estate

It has been listed on CoinTiger, Nomic and CoinMarketCap

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